April is scorching

April has come, bringing with itself heat. Tons of heat. Two weeks ago i faced a dead drunk unicorn on my doorstep, trying to hug me in a very suspicious manner. Things could have gotten extremely ugly if i had not politely kicked him out of my house. But i had a terrible night, being stone-drunk myself, i thought i had ruined everything, and that things would never be the same. That it was my fault, and that the bubble had finally burst.

But with the morning came sobriety and things passed smoothly, as if nothing ever happened.

Because nothing really happened.

The unicorn called and he gave me his poker voice. Great for me. But i was exhausted, having slept poorly sprawled on the floor, as this was the only spot of my house that wasn´t spinning in that ill- fated night. I remember the light of my laptop shinning gloomy in the middle of the darkness, on top of my bed as i cried.

But this passed, and my world is fine again. I am working with a great pace and most importantly: peacefully. In spite of all the everyday problems one must face just for being alive.

I have seen good friends, gone out with guys, started new proyects, got drunk again, screamed at a concert, drawn like crazy, discovered unknown artists, sweated in the engraving workshop, eaten scarcely, sang alone, kissed my beloved Klo, updated my blogs, worked on my upcoming website and many more secret activities.

I bought two novels in LA, one is American Gods, the other one is Good Omens. I have read neither one. Yet.

So i´m off to sleep. I felt like escaping today, from this guy who brought me home. Maybe because he said he wanted children. But God knows.

Take Care You All!!