Half-awake works just fine

I find myself finding new ideas come to me while i am not yet asleep but not quite awake either.
Being of an extremelly nervous and nitpicking disposition, not to metion fucking demading and perfeccionist with my work, i found out that pursuing the muse works sometimes while in others she won´t let herself be imprisoned. What to do? Lay down all though, let go all your worries and surrender. Look harmless, meek, calm and serene. She will eagerly come. And whisper in you ear.

This is what has been happening to me lately. I still believe that inspiration is mostly a matter of hard-work, of seeking the proper nourishment, having rich conversations, talking to sensitive people, keep on moving, mentally always on the run, pencil and notebook in hand, trying to spot that distant corner.

But my last pictures have come to me in forms of images that parade through my fuzzy half-conscious brain when i am in the process of waking up. They have manifested so easily that i think i might have finally found the perfect recipe for courting the muse: a mixture of active pursuit and tame indifference that i feel may annoy her and compell her to grace me.

Sometimes it´s good to ignore her to lure her in.

Ah my darling muse, female after all. Like Lady Luck. And like me.

Hugs to all,