The jeweled bridge

Rainy season has finally arrived! It´s still very hot and humid but i love how life sprouts around me everywhere, and how colors become more intense, and watch people´s reactions to this water falling from above. I love to fall asleep listening to the raindrops, distant thunder and be dazzled by lightning.

In work i finally seen to be turning around a corner i was looking for from more than a year and a half ago. My work looks more adult and caustic, it is becoming more like me. But i believe that elements such as pretty girly personas, converse tennis, fluttering scarfs and so on will continue to make appearances in my pictures, because that is also me. And i don´t care if i am over 30 and not supposed to be drawing such stuff. Inner habitants and elements of the aforementioned nature are what allow me to look 8 years younger than my real age. God forbid me to quarrel with them.

This week i got to see a dear friend i last talked to last year. After a great chat i returned home by bus and had to cross a pedestrian bridge. The day had been blessed with rain («God is in the rain!») and it was dark already, when i got to the top and began to pace towards the other end, i realized there were dozens of jewel-like stones scattered all over. They shone like amber under the city lights, i knelt next to one and noticed that they were beetles, beautiful, huge, pitch-black legged insects, maybe trying to rest for a while atop a human crossing. Noone but me was on that bridge at the time, so the dazzling dance of this wonderful animals was watched only by me.

I caught the one that stroke me as the most clumsy and, using a piece of paper i carried it and went to the other end. I tossed it on an empty field where i though it would be safer and walked home.

I crossed the jeweled bridge, finally.

Fine day to all,