I need a new bra…

…because i had to show it last thursday. I was at our monthly Geek Girl meeting and i knew the gals wanted, for some strange reason having to do with a tit-showing twitter celebrity, to show some cleavage and why not, the entire bra-covered rack.

So we were told to bring our best and most beautiful bra. A tough task for me, since the last time i bought one was a couple of years ago. So i went into my drawers and found a decent looking one. Not quite pretty but showable.

I went to the meeting wearing my brand new suspenders -which i love– a friend of mine, also with the braces fever, brought hers. And after a fruitful reunion in which we appointed tasks to be done for the major Geek Girl Meet Up of December, the girls decided it was time to go shirtless. First our leader took her blouse off, revealing a liliac bra, then my friend tossed her white shirt off, she was wearing what it would turn out to be the prettiest bra of all of us. When she did it, i had to do it. Peer pressure and a strange elation took over me. When three of us where baring it, another one did, and then another, and another. It was some sort of chain reaction. Some girls plainly refused but they where the least.

Then we were taken pictures, we held each other´s shoulders and didn´t pose. When i looked at the pics i realized that suspenders make you look slimmer. It may be that two parallel black vertical lines down the torso work like a figure slendering visual effect. Anyway, it felt like a tribal thing, getting half naked with female friends. We were all giggly and i thing that also proud of ourselves. I felt that a new sense of trust was born out of the bra-showing act. I was marvelled at how different we are from each other, so diverse our body shapes and forms, all beautiful.

And oh-god, we are smart as hell also.

Geeky Sunday to you all. I´m off to watch Super 8 in a while.